CCS 87: Manifestation of Kid Rock

In this episode of the Cadillac Curry Show, we discuss a song and music video from Kid Rock’s newest album Sweet Southern Sugar, mentioning Po-Dunk, Tennessee Mountain Top, Bawitdaba, Picture, Sheryl Crow, Cocky, Country, Soul, Hip Hop, Devil Without a Cause & more!

CCS 47: What Happened To Beat Boxing?

In this episode of The Cadillac Curry Show, we discuss Beat-Box music and music videos! Mentioning Dave Crowe, Tom Thum, Rhazel, Heymoonshaker, Pentatonix, Ledbury, United Kingdom, Brisbane, Australia, Drums, Future, Same Damn Time, Ted Talks & More!

CCS 13: Selena Gomez- new album “revival”

In this episode of the Cadillac Curry Show, We discuss some of the works of Selena Gomez from her previous album and new album revival, including good for you, hands to myself, same old love, come & get it, heart wants what it wants, kill em with kindness, spring breakers, and much more! 

CCS 12: Tribute to Beastie Boys

In this throw back episode of the Cadillac Curry Show, we reminisce about the Beastie Boys with terms like License to Ill, Paul’s Boutique, fight for your right, brass monkey. Also mentioning tributes from Eminem, LL Cool J and coldplay

CCS 11: Carrie Underwood’s New Album “Storyteller”

In this episode of The Cadillac Curry Show, we discuss Carrie Underwood’s new “StoryTeller” Album! Mentioning Entertainment News, Smoke Break, Chaser, Church Bells and also reminisce on some funny moments in interviews with jimmy kimmel and Jimmy fallon!

CCS 10: Taylor Swift-Genre Change

In this episode, We discuss OU vs.TX and discuss Taylor Swift’s change in music from the country industry to the pop industry, and the effects of her move! We also discuss her new album 1989 and her latest hits from that album such as “shake it off”, “bad blood”, and “blank space”. We also mention hits from some of her past albums red, speak now, and fearless.

CCS 09: the weeknds’s new album “beauty behind the madness”

In this episode of the Cadillac Curry show, we discuss the newest album produced by one of the latest trending hip hop artists “the weeknd” who brought us “often”, “in the night”, and “earned it” called “beauty behind the madness”, with singles “the hills”, “cant feel my face” and “tell your friends” . We also mention single “devil may cry” from the hunger games: catching fire and discuss the new music label OVOXO developed by Drake and The Weeknd!

CCS 08: Musician Ben Howard feat. on “the walking dead”

In this episode of the Cadillac Curry show, we begin by discussing what all has happened since the last episode. School starting and Football season! Then we get into the main event by discussing the highlights of Ben Howard’s career thus far with hits like “oats in the water” featured on the walking dead, internment, and the following. “promise” featured on season 3 of suits, “black flies”, and “I forget where we were”! 

CCS 07: 2 Chainz

In this episode of the Cadillac Curry show, we discuss 2 Chainz’ career thus far. struggles, Highlights, and every motivational story in between! We discuss the cookbook called “mealtime” that is included in 2 chainz’ album “B.O.A.T.S. II ME Time”, and the host shares some philosophy concerning air conditioning and its extreme importance!