CCS 43: Standing Rock Souix Tribe benefits from the Dakota Access Pipeline

In this episode of The Cadillac Curry Show, we talk about the Dakota Access pipeline conflict with the Standing Rock Souix Tribe. Also mentioning the Chickasaw Nation.

2 thoughts on “CCS 43: Standing Rock Souix Tribe benefits from the Dakota Access Pipeline”

  1. I need to read up on this some more.. I need to find out what this pipeline thing is all about.. tho not knowing about it I say did we not learn our lesson in taking things from the Indian nations?

    1. Hi Crystal! Very well said. Its great that you recognize the potential danger of history repeating itself in this case. As for learning from past American/Indian affairs, I think America has came along way, most people seem to be against the pipeline being built anywhere near tribal land at this point. On the other hand, obviously there are still people who would neglect Tribal rights such as the Dakota Access representatives. Thankfully, if the protest does fail and the Pipeline is built in an area that would effect the Standing Rock Souix Tribe, I think the public outcry will be very strong and that will be our key to justice. Thank you for your input Crystal!

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