CCS 20: Paul Wall’s new album- “slab god”

In this episode of the Cadillac Curry Show, we discuss hits from Paul Wall like Sittin’ Sideways, They Dont Know, Still Tippin, Break ’em Off, Swangin In The Rain, The Peoples Champ, Slab God, and mention Three 6 Mafia, Trey Songz, Riff Raff, & Tum Tum.

CCS 19: Justin Bieber

In this episode of The Cadillac Curry Show, we discuss Justin Beiber’s past hit Baby. Then we discuss his new album Purpose by discussing Believe it, What Do You Mean, Sorry, and Love Yourself, I’ll show you with Timberlake, Usher, 2 Chainz, Mac Miller

CCS 18: 3rd coast music – DJ Screw

In this episode of the cadillac curry show, we look into the Texas hip hop music “shrine” produced by DJ Screw and his influence on Paul Wall, Mike Jones, lil Keke, Hawk, and tracks-June 27th, Southside Groovin, I’d Rather Bang Screw, and My Mind Went Blank