CCS 05: Meek Mill vs. Drake

In this episode of the cadillac curry show, we discuss the feud between Meek Mill and Drake. We also take a look at ‘dis’ tracks released from both artists including charged up, back to back, wanna know, and know yourself, as we speculate the end result of all of this!

CCS 04: Shaq’s new radio station and classic productions

In this episode, We discuss the launching of Shaq’s new radio station. We also reminisce on some of the classic ‘Shaq productions’ like Shaq Fu and Kazaam!

CCS 03: Darren’s advise to College guys who wish to travel abroad

Viewer discretion is advised for this episode. Colleague Darren Rogers is credited by various websites for an article he published and summons me to read a passage from it. The article shares travel facts and a “how to” guide for surviving social encounters while studying abroad. Darren is welcomed to the show to discuss the article.

CCS 02: Salute to Kid Rock & Joe C

In this episode, We discuss and appreciate the hit songs and live performance memories of rapper Joe C.  We also cover some of the greatest moments in Kid Rock’s career from when the American Bad Ass first began to the very latest!

CCS 01: Introduction to Cadillac Curry Show

Jordan A.K.A. “Corn Fed” features on the very first episode of the Cadillac Curry Show and shares a very motivating story as he breaks down his newly found success in business!